The Power of the “Pop Up”!

So what is a pop up business or a pop up shop?  Whether you have launched a business that sells services or products, you can often get to the point where you want to be more visible to the public and get yourself out there for everyone to see.   We all know how expensive rent is and we don’t always know which location is going to work best for our business or what is going to get those buyers interested, so before you take a risk and commit yourselves, think about a POP UP SHOP.  It could be on a high street or in a shopping centre (we all know how many empty shops keep appearing in town centres) but it could also be a kiosk or mobile van.  Some of the most well known products started out in this way!

Did you know that a third of new businesses will launch as a pop up business? Whether it’s burgers, clothing or unique tiaras, a pop up shop might be your launch pad; if it’s good enough for Innocent Smoothies, it’s good enough for anyone! Read this article to find out where their first pop up shop was. Telegraph Pop-Up Shops

Caroline Barnet, from Business Espresso, is no stranger to the retail world. She recently supported a local business as they set up their pop up cafe, helping them style it and giving it that all- important attraction factor! Caroline gives us her take on the top things to consider when setting up a pop business:

Location…go for a high traffic area, better still, high shopping traffic which will ensure that traffic is already passing your Pop Up! Do some research, understand the area, its demographic and its needs. Ensure the location suits your brand.

Finance…be clear on your budget. Pop Ups are a ‘temporary’ base to showcase your brand and product. Make sure the financial investment meets the objectives.

Design…be sure you target your audience with clear communication and layout, ensuring the visual merchandising is true to the brand.

Follow up…collect your shoppers’ details and communicate with them after the Pop Up. Give out offers with each purchase at the Pop Up to be used in other shopping channels such as online or in permanent stores of the brand. Invite them to other Pop Ups!

Timing – think about your when is the best time of year for your business?  Who’s your target audience and what are their shopping patterns?

We also found these these tips and benefits about pop up shops really interesting, they bring to life what’s involved and why they work so well. The Store Front

So for those of you out there who have an online presence but perhaps aren’t quite ready for your own retail premises, the pop up concept can be excellent for many businesses and is such a great way to test the water! If you have been thinking about doing it, consider our advice and go for it!

For more ideas on how to take your business to the next level, have a look at our website: Business Espresso

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